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2020 Coronavirus Stimulus Payment Information

Poverty Solutions at the University of Michigan:

Here is some important information on how to help make sure people in Michigan - including those who are experiencing housing instability and homelessness get their federal stimulus checks. Since there is a lot of confusing information out there and a lot of misperseptions that people have about the stimulus, Poverty Solutions put together a resource with all of the information and answers to questions in one place.

The guide with easy to access links is below, but the most important things to know are:

- People who are homeless and unaccompanied youth over 18 are eligible for this money.

- If someone has not filed taxes last year or this year they will not receive their stimulus check UNLESS then do the steps below.  - Everyone who has a valid social security number is eligible, you do not need to have earned any income or paid any taxes in the past to receive the stimulus check. - This money does not "count against" any other benefit programs. Receiving the stimulus check will not make you lose your SNAP, Medicaide or other income depended benefits. 

Click the link below to access the guide to receiving your stimulus payment:


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