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The Cody Rouge Community Action Alliance CDC (CRCAA) is a non-profit organization that serves the Cody Rouge community and is charged with promoting the goals and purposes of area residents, businesses and organizations. At the request of community members, CRCAA is committed to community action and the success of the Cody Rouge residents.  


Our mission is to revitalize and sustain a healthy community where residents have access to and promote a high quality of life.  We are accomplishing these goals by creating and assisting strong families, promoting high-quality education, and strengthening our block clubs.  We are also creating and implementing plans for safety, economic revitalization and workforce development.

As an organization we are comprised of staff and a board of directors. The board of directors is comprised of residents and stakeholders. Elections are held on a yearly basis.

(Click here to view our strategic plan for the future of the community.)

Located on the far west side of Detroit, Cody Rouge is a primarily residential neighborhood of roughly 35,000 people.  Our area goes from M-153 (Ford Road) on the South to I-96 (Jeffries Freeway Freeway) on the North and includes Rouge Park on the West over to Greenfield Road on the East.  We are a family-oriented community, with the second-most children of any neighborhood in Detroit.

Developed between 1920 through 1950 to house workers in Detroit’s booming manufacturing industry, Cody Rouge offers a large local workforce as well as ample housing.  

Anchored by Rouge Park, Detroit’s largest public park, Cody Rouge is transforming itself into a compact urban village. Cody Rouge is packed with amenities for new and existing residents, including mature trees, dense neighborhoods, winding boulevards, baseball and soccer fields, pocket parks and playgrounds, a new amphitheater, a Detroit Public Library branch, and an Olympic swimming pool with diving tower.  Our green space includes a native prairie and butterfly walk, mountain and road bike trails, archery range, model airplane flyway, golf course, driving range, the Rouge River, Buffalo Soldiers Heritage Center stables, and the nationally-known seven-acre D-Town Farms.  


Cody Rouge Community Action Alliance CDC - Board of Directors

Damon Thompson, Resident

Edna Bell, Stakeholder

Latonya Binford, Resident

Javonn Barber, Resident

David Kimbrough, Stakeholder

Sherita Smith, Stakeholder

Katrina Patillo, Stakeholder

Kevin Bryant, Stakeholder

Felicia Edison, Resident

Sylvia Roland, Resident



Kenyetta M. Campbell, Executive Director 


Executive Team

Kenyetta M. Campbell, Executive Director

Rebecca Bare, Deputy Director


Dr. Patricia Butler, Community Development Manager

Darrell Hall, Youth Director

Lamont Cole, Technology Director

Jerry Sloan, Fund Developer


Chanelle Ward

Amanda Nihem

Torrianna Bradley

Katina Butler

Youth Direct Care Workers

Taylin Hodges

DeAshia Taylor


Leticia Lash

Sylvia Hansberry

Tamiya Pye

Robert Butler

Dwight Little

Business Support & Technology

Tangy Washington

Brandy Lane

Debbie Eggleston

Marvin Yates

Niccole Nelson

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