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Community Engagement

CRCAA serves a large, diverse area on Detroit’s Far West side, working as a community convener, advocate, and resource for over 35,000 residents. We include seven distinct neighborhoods: Far West, Franklin Park, Joy Southfield, Southfield Plymouth, Warren Avenue Community Organization (WACO), Warrendale, and West Outer Drive. This area represents a cross-section of densely populated neighborhoods, vacant land, mixed socioeconomic statuses, varied education levels, and rich ethnic diversity.


CRCAA goes beyond serving the community: CRCAA is the community. Neighborhood residents serve as CRCAA’s leaders, volunteers, stakeholders, and board members.  Among its numerous accomplishments over the past decade, CRCAA has:

--Convened 700 community meetings

--Hosted 200 community planning sessions

--Facilitated dozens of participatory evaluation and planning sessions with young people and adults

--Drawn in an average of 150 attendees at each community meeting/dinner 

--Attracted 5,242 volunteers to the annual Grow Cody Rouge Week.


Senior University

The purpose of this program was to restore independence in our senior citizens through the fundamentals and basics of computer education. We have facilitated nearly 30 small classes of 10 participants, allowing the seniors the opportunity to learn in an intimate setting, by which we can see immediate impact in their understanding of computer basics. These 90-minute sessions were hailed once a week, for four weeks per a cohort. We created a structured, yet flexible curriculum to train the physical make-up of the computer, likewise the how to apply it to everyday uses. Having both a facilitator and coach on site for the classes were huge assets in the education of our seniors. Each class faced different circumstances, as our seniors were at different places in their computer knowledge, personal beliefs, and self-efficacy. We have rarely made it to the end of the core curriculum; however, the facilitators and coaches were able to attach vital information from the later parts of the courses into earlier sections to meet the seniors’ immediate needs and future desired use of their laptop devices.
The coaches and facilitators have discovered topics that seniors have often stated are issues for themselves, which include such themes as: How to properly turn off the computer, the multiple ports on the sides of the physical laptop, how to check emails, how to use MS Word, Google Suite and saving words.
With our proven knowledge of community needs and with the lack of technology resources, we are perfectly situated to begin to meet the needs of residents that have a need for direct access. We are demonstrating this further by offering the following:

One on One Assistance, on Tuesday’s from 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM, Computer Lab (Drop-In) on Wednesday’s from 10:00 AM – 12:00 Noon, and 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM, and Computer Classes on Tuesday evenings, and Saturday mornings. This provides multiple access points for the community to fulfill their needs with these opportunities.

Cody Rouge Cares for Seniors
Cody Rouge Cares program is for seniors who are caregivers by providing resources, and opportunity for support. Residents engage in activities and events that combat loneliness and address issues of isolation. The programs are held monthly throughout the year and include support for physical, mental, and social health.
Cody Rouge Wraparound Mental Health Intake
The Community Development and Outreach team collaborates with local mental health providers to provide access and support to residents who are identified or request mental health resources. Residents engage in community events to promote mental health wellbeing and have access to both a digital and printed referral system resource.
Cody Rouge Community Outreach
The CRCAA Community Outreach Team visits every occupied residence within the organizational boundaries via in person, door to door canvassing at least three times a year. Residents are given viable information about CRCAA and the work of its collaborative partners. 


Thanksgiving Giveaway

This is a day of service where we partner with local businesses to provide a food basket with some of the key items needed for a Thanksgiving holiday meal, including the turkey.  Each year we give away anywhere from 150 – 250 baskets.  Past sponsors have included The Skillman Foundation, General Motors, DTE Energy, MEDC & Huntington Bank.
Family Fun Day

Family Fun Day is an annual event that takes place during the second weekend of August.  The primary focus of this day is to come together as a community and celebrate not only the end of summer but the return to school.  Education is key to youth development and CRCAA believes heavily in providing resources to the residents of Cody Rouge.  This is a one stop shop for information regarding community driven resources, schools in the area, after school programming & wrap around services.  On this day lunch is provided along with school supplies, a backpack and often a uniform voucher.  Family & Community celebrate this day with face painting, bounce houses, an exotic zoo, exercise in the park & a resource tent with local vendors included.  

ProsperUS Detroit – Entrepreneur Training Program

Cody Rouge Community Action Alliance and ProsperUS Detroit have partnered to host an Entrepreneur Training Program in the Cody Rouge Neighborhood.  This training program is designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners realize their potential, develop a business plan, and act on the next steps with their dreams.   This program is roughly 16 weeks (2 hr. sessions) in length with 10 class sessions and one-on-one coaching.  By graduation, participants should understand their business model, target market, and business financials.  Accountability is key as participants formally register their business, create budget and systems of bookkeeping, and write a business plan.  This class is currently being offered virtually at a low cost of $75.  Payment plans are available and additional resources are available upon completion of the program.  To apply please visit: or contact 313.397.9280 /

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