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Welcome To Cody Rouge Community Action Alliance

Transforming Cody Rouge: One Block at a Time

Did you know that the Cody Rouge Community came together to form a unified community plan for the Cody Rouge neighborhood?  

To view the official Cody Rouge Community Plan

  1. Beautifying the neighborhood

The main focus of the Southfield/ Plymouth Block Club is beautifying the neighborhood. It is important to them that they help their residents live in not only a safe area, but one that is clean and pleasant to look at. After all, people feed off their environment and when the environment around them is a clean, satisfying, and relaxing place, they have a better chance to thrive. To accomplish all this, they clean up areas prone to dumping, such as the service drive on the Southfield Freeway, and have many volunteers always cutting the grass of neighbors who cannot do so themselves or of vacant lands. The Block Club has worked so diligently at this that the city of Detroit itself donates flowers for them to plant around the neighborhood further aiding the beautifying efforts. However, to accomplish all of this, they must do a lot of fundraising! Coming up on November 4th is their favorite fundraiser, their Casino trip! Even if you cannot join them, join me in wishing them nothing but luck, after all, the luckier they are, the luckier Southfield/Plymouth is!

2. Special Day

Every June on the last Saturday, the Block Club comes together with local businesses to serve the community in what they call their “Special Day”. In a day filled with fun, they pass out free hamburgers, hot dogs, and other BBQ goodies to anyone in the neighborhood who stops by in the Starters parking lot on Plymouth road. Starters doesn’t just donate their parking lot; they also donate all the hamburgers and buns for the day! In the spirit of donation, it is important to note that Sterling Old Star BBQ also donates to the Block Club for their Special Day. This year they made and donated shirts for all the Block Club volunteers. Along with their efforts to give the community a fun BBQ Bash, the Block Club also passed out book bags to any children who needed one. Thank you to both Starters and Sterling Old Star BBQ for helping make this year’s Special Day a success. Make sure to look out for the flyers regarding next year’s Special Day and show up hungry!

3. End of the Year

With the year and all of its activities starting to wind down for the Block Club, they are looking forward towards their Casino Trip and of course their annual Christmas Party- it is never too early to start thinking about Christmas- that always marks the official end of the year for them. Their Christmas Party is their way of thanking their volunteers and residents who come to their meetings along with congratulating them on the spectacular job they did for the Southfield/Plymouth community all year. To put it simply, it is a great big celebration, which they all have earned many times over. They even often have elected officials show up to congratulate and celebrate with them themselves! Thank you to all of those who have volunteered or helped the Block Club in any way this year, especially Mary Marsh who is the valiant leader behind it all. They cannot wait to see all the people and blessings that next year brings, hopefully including building a playground at the old Marsh Elementary School grounds!