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Small Business Spotlight-MuvaEarf Essentials

We met up with Kailyn Zoure, PEEPS alumna and ProsperUs Detroit Graduate and Pitch contest winner to talk about her all natural skincare brand, MuvaEarf Essentials:

Describe MuvaEarf Essentials?

MuvaEarf Essentials is a for us by us all natural skincare brand. Our focus is educating our customer on the importance of proper skin care without compromising the health of the internal being.

What inspired you to start this brand ?

As a mother of 3 and a sufferer of seborrheic dermatitis, I found it hard to find products that would properly nourish our skin. After months of research, I came up with the perfect recipe. That year I passed out samples to my family for Christmas. The response given was overwhelming! I thought why not take this passion of mine to the next level? Being that all of our products are natural, I wanted to give my products a name that would reflect that. The first thing that came to mind was Mother Earth. That was good, but not good enough. I also wanted my brand to be a reflection of me! I wanted it to be urban, hip, something my people could relate to. MuvaEarf Essentials, perfect! After divorcing my husband, hitting rock bottom and working meaningless jobs feeling as if I was getting nowhere; I decided to completely divulge myself in to my business, my passion. Not only did I want to employ the people of my community, but I wanted to leave something my children would be able to carry on in my absence. MuvaEarf Essentials is more than My brand, it’s my passion... My life.

What have been your biggest obstacles?

Whew! My biggest obstacles have been capital and social media marketing. There’s an art to social media that I haven’t been able to master yet. But I’m working on it. One of my very good friends is really really good at it, and I sometimes go to her for direction. Being apart of ProsperUs has helped tremendously with planning, investing and coming up with solutions on how to overcome my obstacles.

Who is your target customer?

Our customers are young 25-35 year old millenials who desire skincare products that nourish the external without causing any harm to the internal. They desire a brand that will cater specifically to their skin's needs. Buying locally and supporting their local community is also equally important.

How did ProsperUs help your journey ?

Where do I start? ProsperUs helped gave me direction, discipline, focus and equipped me with the tools to operate a successful business. My instructor helped me gain the confidence I needed to take my business to the next level! The knowledge I gained will follow me and my business endeavor for years to come. 

How can we find you/buy product ?

You can contact me directly via social media. Our Instagram is @muvaearfessentials or you can find us on Facebook under the name MuvaEarf Essentials.


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